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Imaginative Spaces

Modern work and family commitments are often very demanding these days, and opportunities to recharge our curiosity and imagination often fall low on priority lists. We think of creative play as 'kids time', but the truth is, (besides being fun), it actually improves brain function while reducing stress. Besides stimulating the mind, goofing off has been shown to noticeably boost creativity and productivity, all of which contribute to a deeper sense of well-being, connection, and satisfaction in life. 


Art Studios

Enjoy access to two dedicated creative workspaces - the Atelier Studio situated in the main residence and the Chapel Studio, located in an adjacent building on the property. These thoughtfully designed environments exist to inspire writers,  visual artists, and creatives from all walks of life, and here you'll find supplies, tools, and books across a variety of artistic domains. Guests are welcome to explore on their own, take a painting class from Yvette,  or to bring personal projects and materials to work on at leisure during their stay.   

Studio spaces are outfitted with excellent natural and overhead lighting systems, portable and wall mounted easels, work tables and chairs. Guests are invited to peruse our extensive library of reference books on art, art making, crafts and hobbies, and to use tools 

 Yvette conducts art lessons and scheduled workshops in the Atelier and chapel studio, located outdoors. As a convenience to our visitors, we also stock an inventory of reasonably priced art supplies, tools, and arts and craft making materials for purchase onsite and online. 

Music Room

Guests can relax in the Library/Music room, stocked with interesting books and musical instruments to enjoy. Explore one of our classical guitars, strum some keys on the digital piano, or chanel Yo Yo Ma on the Cello. Plenty of percussion and wind instruments to experiment with - a great place to relax and unwind. This private space has been known to quickly transform into the most jubilant room in the house, with it's encouragement of impromptu concerts and jam sessions.

Garden Patches


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