Light, Pigment, And Color Theory Demystified over 3 Days



Colors don't really exist, or at least they exist only as an interpretation of vibrations happening all around us. The color theory we all learned at school is very often a source of general confusion for painters, because key distinctions between light and pigment color theory is generally misunderstood. Additive qualities apply to colors in light, whereas subtractive qualities apply to pigments. Understanding the fundamental principles of color is critical to learning the language of color.

Paint Pots and Color Wheel

Workshop Overview

The ability to expertly apply color theory to your artistic practice is an essential skill. Fine tune your color mixing and correcting skills with this deep dive into the art and science of color. Practice mixing clean, bright colors using primary pigments in warm and cool tones. Learn to manage color values, color tints and shades, and develop custom paint palette themes, based on RBY color wheel relationships. Complete an abstract painting project focused purely around striking color melodies, to understand the physics and chemistry of different color systems. Color mixing exercises allow you to explore relationships and chromatic variations between primary, secondary, and tertiary color families. Learn to develop formulas for an extensive painting palette, using only red, blue and yellow pigments, along with white and black. Level and complexity of color mixing activities and scope of the painting project are customized to your personal learning goals and pace. No need for art materials, tools etcetera – all are conveniently provided. Catered lunches, healthy snacks, and a daily Happy Hour Social at the conclusion of each day, are an ideal balance of creative expression and socializing in a safe, collaborative environment. This workshop is appropriate for the beginner to experienced painter alike, and strives to meet you where you are in your practice and stage of painting experience.

Image by Plush Design Studio

"The most important skill for any would-be artist is learning to see; training yourself to notice requires only your attention. Learn to deconstruct things with your eyes, and you start to notice that color too can be deconstructed. Details can be surely teased apart with method and patience."


Workshop Highlights


Curriculum Driven

24 hours of art instruction and demos over 3 days, guided by a professional fine artist. A perfect mix of structured learning, critique, and experimentation.


Complimentary Learning Materials

Students receive a helpful 30 page program booklet to keep, summarizing key concepts, techniques and instructor demos presented during the course.


Small Class Size

Class size is limited to max 4 students at a time, ensuring plenty of one-on-one time with the instructor. Our intimate setting and flexible work areas, stocked with tools and art materials for each student's personal use, offers the right balance of freedom and attention.


Mind, Body, Soul

Healthy lunches and snacks, along with a hosted Happy Hour social at the end of each day, provide just the right level of pampering and real human connection. We pair creative expression with self-love in a supportive setting to produce the very best shared experiences.


Concierge Care

Worried about getting your beautiful artwork home that you've so lovingly created? Wonder no more, because we are happy to package and ship it for you, either by UPS or USPS with reliable tracking. Cost of shipping is extra, but we know all the tricks of the trade when it comes to getting your treasure safely home - without breaking the bank.


Art Supplies

All art materials for your masterpiece:
Level 2 (Artist Grade) and 3 (Professional Grade) acrylic paints & mediums. Sketch & practice materials. Apron, brushes, rags, other tools. Gallery quality canvas. Also acrylic inks, pastels and more. (Store value $300)

Food & Drink

Daily gourmet lunch, healthy snacks and beverages throughout the day. Two hosted Happy Hour Socials at the end of days 1 and 2. Locally sourced and wholesome foods. Gluten-free, vegetarian, as well as other dietary needs are no problem for us - just let us know.

Guest Services

Optional luxury accommodations,  and unlimited access to the atelier and chapel studio art spaces for workshop guests staying overnight. Free parking, early arrival check in, and late departure baggage storage. Free WIFI, COPY and FAX services available to student guests.  

Other Joys

Healthful environment 

featuring abundant flora and fauna. Private beach with breathtaking waterfront views. Browse the on site studio library/music room filled with curiosities and instruments for your use and enjoyment. Meditate in the atrium or outdoor chapel art studio.


Our Time Together

 Each workshop session is carefully choreographed behind the scenes, so your days flow effortlessly. A high-level overview of what to expect appears below, where the emphasis is on ‘slowing your roll’. A detailed itinerary and more comprehensive information will be mailed to you with confirmed booking. 

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Workshops are limited to just four (4) students at a time, so we suggest you book early, rather than late. Search our calendar for booking schedule for this class.

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