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  Immersive. Adventurous. Serious Business.  


Art is accessible to anyone - and everyone; surprisingly, it's not who we think we are but who we think we're NOT that holds us back. Browse through some of the many "Love Notes" we've received over the years to learn more about student experiences with us.

"We had such an amazing time --- can't stop thinking about it! LOVED meeting you two--- we both definitely look forward to coming back next year!"

💚 Lynn Ross, Calgary AB, Canada


3 Days of Luxurious Studio Painting


Over 3 days, build a design-driven masterpiece from the ground up, using modern materials and traditional composition principles. An introduction to this very accessible painting style, explore attributes of abstract work, a breadth of acrylic paints and diverse mediums, and how to produce original designs that reveal your personal painting style.


The Art and Science of Color Demystified


Key to the success of every visual artist is a thorough understanding of color in whatever kind of work you do. This 3 day workshop explores the ABC's of color theory - the 3 dimensions that describe color, and how to reliably mix thousands of colors from just a handful of pigments. You'll learn why muddy colors occur, how glazes can be used to color correct, and why understanding the physics of light is super meaningful in art.