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Emma Kilgore, Granite Falls, WA

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

“I am a COVID-19 bride- our original honeymoon was supposed to be a Caribbean cruise, but we had to scramble for alternate arrangements at the last minute. I booked us a two night stay to end a week of camping. The photos are gorgeous, but seeing this place in person was an entirely different experience. It feels like you're living in a modest castle! All of the colors and styling were on point for the house. The communal living spaces are spotless, yet homey, and the gardens are beautifully kept and lovely to walk in and enjoy the fresh air (and you can see the bay right from the porch). Breakfast felt like we were dining in a classy restaurant. From the dish to the spread and down to the silverware, everything was stylishly presented and delicious. And the hosting! Oh my, Derek and Yvette are lovely and charming, perfectly laid back during this rather crazy time. They left us a very sweet and thoughtful gift in our room due to our honeymoon mishap, and my husband enjoyed some extended conversation about our world and good stewardship. All in all, I would highly recommend this gem in Anacortes.”

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