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Jihan Donoso, Everett, WA

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

“Such a pleasure coming back to Derek & Yvette’s place, couldn’t stay away! They are easy going, great communicators and took such great care of us. Wonderfully clean, thoughtfully decorated and screaming deal! You really get your money’s worth here and then some. They were unbelievably flexible, accommodating my last minute travel plans including early check-in. They really didn’t seem to miss a beat and made my stay very special. You couldn’t ask for better hosts. This time we were able to book Yvette’s art workshop and took a private on 1-on-1 lessons. Extremely affordable and so knowledgeable. Her class was extremely well organized, catered perfectly to my experience level, offering wonderful tools both on & off the canvas to start my masterpiece. She answered all my questions and gave thoughtful suggestions and tricks/tips. Supplies were included and was able to continue to painting throughout my stay. The studio space, the atelier, was the perfect place to set up (especially when it rained). She continued to offer me guidance even between lesson times (which was much needed and appreciated). Though I was unable to finish my piece, she helped me package it to take home. I will be back!!! Next time I’m opting for the 3-day workshop. She’s very passionate about painting (the arts in general) and it shows in her work and teaching. As a true beginner, a real paint by numbers/draw inside the lines kinda gal, Yvette was able to coax me from my hermit shell and explore a creative side I didn’t know existed. I may have found my muse :)”

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