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Rahul Jadhav, Chicago, IL

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

“Derek and Yvette are perfect hosts. Awesome experience : very few times I have looked back and felt better : this beats them all . Starting with the interiors , Its meticulously designed almost like staying in a creative world , carved out by the host of course ! Yvette has decorated every corner of the space thoughtfully and invested time and experience in bringing every pixel of this picturesque property to life . This in addition to the natural paradise offering in the exterior . The backyard is much more beautiful than the pictures can ever express . The peace and tranquility is exclusive . Very grateful that the property is well maintained and blends so well with the natural theme of this dream home . Yvette is a world traveler and has so much knowledge about the cultures , civilization , history and people in general that it was a amazing experience to discuss her experience over a delicious breakfast . The suite we stayed was fabulous , equipped with all essentials and necessities . The kitchen we shared was fully loaded with necessities . It was a amazing holiday and social experience and I can’t thank enough this couple for sharing their private space with the world . Keep it guys ; Thanks again ! Love and peace 😊”

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