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Wilhelm Von Waltsleben, Bellingham, WA

"We were blown away with our experience at Derek and Yvette's. They are the most lovely, personable hosts we have ever had. Really good people. The bed and breakfast house was gorgeous, we spent about an hour just looking around and admiring the amazing art that they have. The morning after our check in, Derek and Yvette made a spinach egg soufflé, with roasted potatoes and breakfast sausage. Delicious. Yvette is an artist, and she offers art classes. We did not attend any art classes during our stay, but we cannot wait to come back and utilize the opportunity. Yvette is a very skilled painter and artist, and she has a variety of her work on the walls of her house. We really loved this painting near our room, and we even bought it! Overall the experience at the bed and breakfast was better than we could imagine."

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