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Cleaning the Counter

Covid-19 Safety


We continually monitor CDC and Skagit County guidance regarding COVID-19 and other public health concerns, and at this time we do not require guests to wear masks or show proof of vaccination.  Hosts Derek and Yvette are fully vaccinated and also 'multi-boostered', and are committed to doing our very best to respect any guest's safety preferences and concerns. 

We continue to follow robust COVID-19 cleaning protocols, nonetheless, in the interest of public health and safety. Cleanliness is something we take very seriously, believing prevention is better than cure.  Fortunately, Heartful Retreats B&B is configured to give guests plenty of space to socially distance. Queen guest rooms are spread far apart from luxury suites, and the home is large enough to allow guests to spread out during their stay. Here's what to expect.   

Sponge and Bucket
Clean Bed

DEEP sanitizing

Before your arrival, we deep clean each bedroom and guest bathroom, wiping all surfaces down with a disinfecting bleach solution. Beds are made daily with clean, sanitized bedding and linens. Bath towels & other linens are washed, dried and sanitized between each use on a high heat cycle. Mattresses and pillows are outfitted with clean, waterproof protective covers, cleaned and sanitized weekly. Bathroom use is limited to assigned guests only.    


common areas

We deep clean common areas every 3rd day, and wipe down  all surfaces with a disinfecting bleach solution daily. Furniture, tables, cabinets, and door handles are cleaned and wiped down with a white vinegar and antibacterial soap solution. We vacuum hardwood, tile, and carpeted flooring daily, and mop/wash all flooring weekly. A bleach solution bottle is provided guests on arrival to facilitate cleaning of  surroundings to their personal comfort level, if desired.   

Meal Prep


We keep all kitchen surfaces clean and disinfected between food prep events, and wash hands, utensils and food judiciously when preparing breakfast. Dishes and glassware are run through a Dishwasher commercial sanitizing cycle each time, and used only once. We limit guest service to only those kitchen and dining areas that allow appropriate distancing between guests. Both on-site kitchens are deep cleaned daily, with trash and recyclables removed at that time.

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