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Main Residence

The chateau styled house with its unique floorplan, is designed as two fully separate homes, connected at the center by shared spaces and common areas. The West side of the building is called the Panorama wing and includes two luxury suites. The East side is called the Atelier wing and includes two elite guest rooms.  


Decorated in a contemporary style, with original artwork by your hostess, Yvette, prominently featured throughout, the main entry into the house features a dedicated private art gallery space. Interesting books, worldly collections and curiosities provide an engaging environment, and guests can relax watching TV with complimentary access to Amazon Prime, Netflix, and HBO MAX programming during their stay.  


The main gourmet kitchen includes a charming coffee nook where guests are invited to take a break. Guests enjoy complimentary coffee, herbal, caffeinated, and mushroom teas, and an assortment of snacks, fresh fruit, and treats during their stay. Large glass doors open onto an indoor atrium, with an expansive  glass ceiling, quaint hanging egg chair and gurgling fountain - a playful spot to lazily swing and give over to childhood whims and imaginings.


Garden views are visible from most of the interior spaces, and a series of French doors along the entire  south side of the residence opens out onto garden patio spaces and views to Similk Bay, Kiket and Hope Islands, and tranquil waters beyond. Guests will find a diversity of air purifying houseplants stationed throughout the residence, which passively absorb harmful toxins from the air - particularly in enclosed spaces with limited air flow. 


An expansive 12 person dining room offers plenty of opportunities to do work, play games, and connect with others over good food and great conversation. Guests enjoy high speed internet access and an onsite Sonos music system, which allows guests to tailor experiences to their own personal audio tastes and musical delights, from personal devices.


The Atrium - home to orchids and other exotic flora, is a wonderful place to explore and learn, for those who enjoy botanical interests. 

Atelier wing

Atelier Wing

The Atelier wing is thusly named because it is largely dedicated to a large art studio space. Perfect for artists and creatives, guests are welcome to bring their own art projects and materials to work on at leisure during their stay. Two guest rooms with a shared private bathroom are conveniently located here, a perfect arrangement for artists desiring unfettered access to a studio space to do creative work.


French doors close this side of the house off from shared living spaces in the Main residence, and the studio is outfitted with an excellent overhead lighting system, wall mounted art easels, and a column of work tables and chairs, to support creative activities. An extensive reference library of books on art, art making, crafts and hobbies is also available for guest use, and the space is open 24/7 to support the nature of creativity, which often works to a very different clock. 

 Yvette conducts art lessons and scheduled workshops in the Atelier and chapel studio, located outdoors. As a convenience to our visitors, we also stock an inventory of reasonably priced art supplies, tools, and arts and craft making materials for purchase onsite and online. 

Guests can relax in the Library/Music room, stocked with interesting books and musical instruments to enjoy. A great place to relax and unwind, it's also been known to transform into the most jubilant room in the house.

Panoramam wing

Panorama Wing


The  Panorama wing is connected to the main house but offers the most privacy for guests. It's designed essentially as a wholly inclusive house, with its own private entry, bedrooms, bathrooms, sitting rooms, gourmet kitchen with pantry, and laundry facilities.  Two luxury island-view suites with private sitting rooms and private bathrooms are located on the main and second floors.


The full sized kitchen is separate from the main house kitchen, and is specifically dedicated for use by Panorama Suites guests only. It is a fully stocked kitchen featuring modern appliances, tools and supplies and includes a breakfast bar and dining table, beverage wet bar, and kitchen pantry.  

Each floor of the residence is dedicated to separate private guest suites, each with their own private sitting room and bathroom. Both guest suites can be accessed by the private entry door or the main house door, and share the same gourmet kitchen.  The main floor luxury suite opens onto a quiet private patio and also into the indoor atrium, and guests are treated to sumptuous views of the gardens and bay from here.

The second floor suite features both a shower and soaking tub in the en suite bathroom, and laundry facilities which include a full sized washer and dryer, and ironing tools and supplies. Two balconies make this luxury suite particularly unique, and being the largest private guest space in the residence, it's fair to say that the best views of the property and beyond are found here.

Guest Rooms and Luxury Suites

With just 2 guest rooms and 2 luxury suites on site, we are proud to provide travelers an intimate, highly personalized experience in a rejuvenating and peaceful environment. Each room expresses a personality and style of its own, with utilitarian and other creature comforts tailored to make guests feel right at home. 

Atelier Wing Guest Rooms


Luxury Queen Bed

Shared Bathroom


Luxury Queen & Loft Twin Bed

Shared Bathroom

Panorama Wing Luxury Suites


Luxury King Bedroom Suite

Private Bath & Sitting Room


Luxury King Bedroom Suite

Private Bath & Sitting Room


We offer groups desiring a more intimate experience or stays lasting more than a week, the opportunity to rent the Panorama side of the house in its entirety. Contact us to discuss specific needs, timing and duration, and how we might make your stay with us an even more memorable experience.

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